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Customer Service Tips For Your E Commerce Store

Your customer service options have a major impact on your eCommerce business. Most eCommerce consumers say good customer service is the number one reason they will become repeat customers. Here's some tips to help you take your eCom customer service to the next level!


How Much Should my E Commerce Store Focus on Customer Service?

As an e commerce business owner, there are so many important aspects of running your business. From marketing and advertising, to payment processing and returns, you have a million things to think about and each one seems more important than the next.

50% of customers will not order from an online business again if they've had a bad customer service experience.

A key to creating a great experience for your customers and developing brand loyalty to your online store lies in providing excellent customer service. Studies show that over 50% of customers will not order from an online business again if they've had a bad customer service experience.

How Can I Provide Great Customer Service for my E Commerce Store?

There are many great tools that can help you automate your company’s customer service. But before you automate your entire customer service department, it's important to note that approximately 75% of consumers prefer interacting with a real person to a customer service bot - and they can almost always tell the difference. Customers also hold a high importance on how quickly you are responding to their questions and needs. 

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How Important is Customer Service for E Commerce Stores?

Very! The End, thanks for tuning in! But in all seriousness, it's critical! Customer service is one of the most important aspects of your e commerce store - and providing a high quality customer service option ensures that you're acquiring long-time, repeat e commerce customers.  Let's look at a couple of e commerce customer service related stats:

  • Over 90% of consumers state that customer service is a major contributing factor to brand loyalty. If you're not focused on creating brand loyalists, then there's a question as to whether your business can really succeed long term. Providing high quality customer service puts online consumers at ease and makes their purchasing decision so much easier if they know that your online store will help address any issues that come up with the e commerce product they've purchased.
  • 60% of online consumers report deserting a brand and switching to a competing company due to a poor customer service experience. This statistic, though not too shocking, is important to point out. The whole reason you started your online store on Shopify, BigCommerce, Etsy, etc. was to beat out your competition and sell products, right?! So if you know that poor customer service is going to lead to them abandoning your brand, isn't it crucial that you make sure your online shoppers never want to leave your brand once they've made a purchase?

A major customer service problem a lot of online merchants run into relates to order fulfillment and shipping times. Online shoppers get pretty frustrated when packages take a long time to ship, they don't have accurate tracking, or an incorrect or damaged order was sent out. This creates headaches for you, a loss of repeat business due to a poor customer experience, and potentially bad reviews. Solving these issues is exactly what PackYak Fulfillment excels at.

Partnering with PackYak can eliminate a lot of these issues since they offer same day fulfillment for your eCommerce store, door-to-door tracking information, and a less than 2% error rate when it comes to picking, packing, and shipping products for your eCommerce store.Packyak-fulfillment-center

When your online business starts to really succeed and your order volume becomes too much for you to handle, partnering with a 3PL or eCommerce Fulfillment center can help to eliminate all of the customer service headaches and logistics problems that can crop up when you see major volume increases. Get in touch with PackYak and get a free quote services and consultation today to find out how PackYak eCommerce Fulfillment can help you alleviate the customer service problems you have due to slow and incorrect shipments.
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Solving Customer Service Problems for your eCommerce Store

We've covered a lot, and hopefully you now better understand how quality customer service can help take your eCommerce store to the next level. Providing your online shoppers quick and easy-to-use customer service options can help boost your sales, increase positive reviews, and create brand loyalists. If you're running into customer service problems due to your order fulfillment processes or partners, PackYak is a great option that specifically specializes in eCommerce fulfillment - PackYak knows the eCommerce business like the back of his hooves! Ultimately, providing a quality customer service solution for online shoppers is an investment in your business and its longevity. By putting quality customer service processes in place for your online storefront early on, you can create longtime brand ambassadors and repeat customers.


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